Former projects

Election goals for 2013


Admission to university by entrance exam! The way to the university studies should continue to be opened by know-how and not by fat purses or by a matriculation certificates.

Free education into the constitution! The efforts to put education behind various payments should be fought against determinedly. Free education should belong to everybody: the billing experiments for students coming from EU and EEA countries must be stop.

The public funding for higher education and the basic research for all fields must be secured! Equality and democracy between different disciplines in academics: university management should not merely pump funds into the favorite disciplines of industry and commerce.

From the power of the few to democracy! The reforms that take place at the university must go through a democratic process. Student representatives for every acting body in the university and we must uphold the principle of open recruitment!


Better student aid! The level of student financial aid is currently insufficient. We have to fight for increase in financial aid to students instead of loan orientated system – students should not be forced to be in debt.

Bucks for the masses! In the longer term, currently insufficient financial aid is to be compensated by adequate basic income, by which students income is maintained also during life’s uncertain situations, such as in illness.

Equal possibility to education for all! University study must be economically feasible for all students, regardless of socio-economic background. Course literature and other necessary tools for studying must be sufficiently available in the library.


Revolution of Communal learning! Loneliness and studying alone to be replaced with communal interaction and communal studying. Reading circles and other communal learning methods must be viable methods for completing courses.

Time into hands of the students! Students must be provided around the clock passes in places such as the library and IT facilities. Progressing in studies must truly be possible in the summer.

Better guidance counseling! Freshman student counseling has to get fixed and counseling must be of high quality throughout their studies. A proper tutoring must be guaranteed to students in master’s programs as well.

Cultural university instead of rail decrees! All minors to be free for all! Small fields of study must be preserved by sufficient resources.

No to the restrictions in study times! Limitation in study times leads to superficial learning and unqualified master’s degrees. An autonomic student learns the best.


Student union must influence at their environment and address bravely on societal ills. We must fight against capitalism, exploitation of nature, racism, gender oppression, heteronormativity, discrimination, harassment and societal changes leading only to a crueller society.

Against loneliness! We must create more low-threshold lounges in campus and near its vicinity and create more possibilities for nonalcoholic pastime activities. Students social exclusion, depression and fatigue must be taken seriously. It is high time for university to hire student psychologists.

We must fight for equality on behalf of all genders! Say no to gender inequality and heteronormativity! Unisex toilets in the University and student union facilities.

Active and creative student life! We must support organizational participation and cultural activity. The student must have the opportunity to spend leisure time and participate in civic life – all energy should not go to completing degrees!

Healthy mind in a healthy body. The campus cafeterias and cafés must offer cheap, nutritious and ecological snacks, breakfast and supper – including for vegetarians. We also need canteens that are open until the evening. Sitting kills – respites in all lectures!


Vegan and vegetarian eating must be made possible to be an everyday activity! Student restaurants have to offer tasty, high-quality and nutritious vegetarian options daily, including vegan versions. The availability of vegan food is to be improved. Making ethical choices should not be punished – no extra charges for soy milk!

Ecological means of transportation and car-free campus! More improved bicycle parking in the University! Public transport should be developed and offer student-friendly prices. Bring campus bicycles into Jyväskylä.


Education about the rights in working life and not about company strategies! JYY must concentrate on improving the employment of students in a responsible way in their projects concerning working life. We can’t advance precarious academic entrepreneurship without a strong fight on behalf of a basic income.

Master’s thesis is a practice of scientific research work and not just a secret assignment from the private sector

Entire JYY must be an exemplary and responsible employer that takes care of their employees’ well-being, their working environments physical conditions and maintaining competitive wages.